Bulk bag unloading machine

The bulk bag unloading machine is mainly used for unloading and transportation of bulk materials in chemical industry, food, medicine, lithium battery, metallurgy and other industries.

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Bulk bag unloading machine mainly consists of several parts: equipment support, electric hoist, buffer bin, beater, bag clamp (bag breaker), dust remover, vibrator, respirator, etc. According to the different types of bulk bags, bulk bag unloading machine can be divided into two types: bag clamping type and bag breaking type. The bag clamping type bulk bag unloading machine is applied to the bulk bag with discharge port, and the bulk bag can be recycled; the bag breaking bulk bag unloading machine is applied to the bulk bag without discharge port, and the bulk bag is disposable. The use method of the bag clamping type bulk bag unloading machine is as follows: a. Use the electric hoist to lift the bulk bag to be processed and place it at the position where the bulk bag unloading machine can handle it conveniently. b. Open the bag clamping plate on the bulk bag unloading machine, and put the outlet of the bulk bag on the bag clamping device. After the bag clamping plate is put down and compressed, the dust will not leak. c. If there is only 1 / 3 of the materials inside the bulk bag when the bulk bag unloading machine is running, the control valve on the beating device must be opened in time, and the materials around the whole bulk bag must be pushed to the middle position to ensure that it can enter the buffer bin and there will be no residual materials in the bulk bag. d. After the bulk bag unloading machine removes the whole bag of materials, it is necessary to fasten the blanking port of the bulk bag first, then open the bag clamping plate of the bulk bag unloading machine again, and directly remove the bulk bag. The whole operation process is actually relatively simple and convenient. When bag breaking type of bulk bag unloading machine works, the bag breaker is directly used to unload the bulk bag. In the process of unloading, the dust remover will be opened to prevent dust from flying outside. Other unloading processes are similar to bag clamping type bulk bag unloading machine. Bulk bag unloading machine has been widely used in various industrial production. Compared with the traditional manual unloading work, the advantages of bulk bag unloading machine are more and more obvious: a. Bulk bag unloading machine can solve the dust leakage, improve the production efficiency and reduce the heavy manual labor of the operators. Modern enterprises gradually replace the complete manual unloading work with the semi-mechanical bulk bag unloading system. b. It effectively protects the production environment, reduces the working intensity of workers and improves the production efficiency. c. It also solves the problems of agglomeration of powder materials, bridging of materials and difficult discharging of materials caused by moisture absorption during bag opening of large bags and ton bags. Equipment Parameters
Input voltage 380V
Rated power 5-10KW
Input gas pressure 1.5Mpa
Lifting weight 1-3T
Lifting height 1-3M
Lifting distance 1-2M
Equipment weight 1.5T
Equipment size 1800x1800x4400mm
Type of material Powder or granule
Working humidity 0-50RH%
Working temperature -10-40
Applicable material size 0.2um-10mm
Handling capacity 20T/H-30T/H

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