Glove box unloading machine

The glove box unloading machine is mainly used for unloading powder materials with small density, easy to produce dust flying, toxic and harmful to human body and environment. The machine is equipped with dust removal system and inert gas interface, which can be used in explosion-proof environment.

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The main features of the machine are: a. Simple and compact structure, convenient operation. b. Small size, movable and wide application range. c. During the unloading process, the operation shall be fully closed. The operator shall not contact the material directly, and the empty material bag shall be recycled in a centralized way to prevent the leakage of residual materials in the bag. d. Glove box material: 304 or 316L stainless steel can be used according to the customer's requirements. e. Glove material: neoprene or natural rubber. The use method of the glove box unloading machine is as follows: a. Manually transport the materials to the roller conveying platform of the glove box unloading machine, open the feeding door, push the bagged materials into the glove box, and close the feeding door. b. Turn on the dedusting fan and manually use the blade to break the bag for unloading. During the unloading process, the vibrator is opened to prevent the material from piling up on the silo wall. c. After the feeding, turn off the dust removal fan, and the back blowing device starts to back blow the filter element. d. Put the waste bag into the waste bag collection box for centralized treatment. Equipment Parameters

Input voltage


Rated power


Input gas pressure


Single amount of input


Equipment weight


Equipment size


Type of material

Powder or granule

Working humidity


Working temperature


Applicable material size


Handling capacity


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