metering valve product description

According to the special requirements of powder processing, combined with the different characteristics and functions of powder rotary valve and butterfly valve in the processing technology, the newly developed rotary butterfly combined valve gives full play to the different characteristics of rotary valve and butterfly valve in the system processing technology, and realizes the quantitative supply processing technology in the most economical way.

Products Details

Function: Realize quantitative feeding. Product features: A. Compact structure, high finish, easy to install and control. B. Suitable for vacuum and high pressure environment. C. It can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of GMP. D. It is suitable for conveying powder, particle and colloid. Product application: A. Applied to weighing system, it can achieve accurate measurement. B. Loading and unloading can be completed in one step. C. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and fine chemical industries. metering valve work sketch

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