Three way directional valve

Three way directional valve, branch valve, is used in solid material (powder, granular material, powder mixture, flake, etc.) transportation system, used to switch the flow direction of materials in the pipeline. The fully sealed structure can be applied to outdoor environment.

Products Details

Product features a.It can be applied to the switching transportation of powder and granular materials; b.The special structure can meet the customer's requirements of material switching; c.The overall structure design is firm and compact, exquisite and beautiful; d.The design of various angles can meet the switching requirements of pipelines with various angles; e.The conveying channel is clean and smooth to ensure smooth material flow; f.The polishing precision can reach 400#, which is suitable for conveying food grade and drug grade materials; g.According to the actual needs of users, a variety of main materials can be selected: stainless steel (SS304, ss316L), carbon steel, etc; h.There are a variety of driving modes to choose from: manual, pneumatic; i.The perfect pneumatic control system can improve the automation level and ensure the efficient operation reliability. Working sketch Three way directional valve1

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